Lobnya Elevator Plant

llz  Object location: 
141730, Moscow region, Lobnya, Krasnololyanskiy tupik, 2
tel./fax: +7 (495) 577 79 00
The headquarters is located in Moscow.
109029 Moscow, 32 Nizhegorodskaya St., building 15
+7 (495) 978 40 16, +7 (495) 978 40 36
Internet site: http://www.llzlift.ru/

Project start: 2010
Sector: Machinery. Investment project.
Lobnya Elevator Plant is a modern manufacture built in 2010 in Lobnya, Moscow region.  
The manufacture produces a wide range of high-tech passenger elevators of new generation (capacities are 400, 630 and 1000 kg, running speed is up to 1,6 m/s). 
The emphasis is put on energy-efficient elevators. The usage of energy-efficient main drive gears and other elevator components (A class energy consumption) produced by Russian electrical engineering company RUSELPROM allows to save the amount equal to the new elevator price ( with 25 years of useful life).
There has been set up the production of elevators without engine rooms. 

The strategy of the company is to produce up to 300 elevators a month by the year 2016 (3 600 elevators a year) which will allow to share 10%  of the market.