Tourism activity

Daryay e  Noor e Parsa With more than two decades of experience in studying, planning and isDaryae Noore Tour Travel Agencysuing tickets, and implementing international and domestic tours with the most experienced  airlines and tourism services, is one of the most well-experienced and valuable  company in this filed.

Accurate management, reliance on many experiences, employing dedicated staff and professional guides, as well as concluding contracts with the best hotels and brokers in the country and abroad, as a result of the perfect implementation of specialized tours, has attracted a lot of travelers.Also, the company's honors are the satisfaction and provision of tourism services and the supply of domestic and international tickets to National Iranian Oil Company, pharmaceutical, public and private companies.Daryay e Noor e Parsa  is well known as one of the first, with the most experience, and the best provider of tourism services in Russia, Europe. Our goal in this company is to increase the level of satisfaction of respectable customers, attention to details of travel, control of tours, introducing attractive and new tours and the efficiency of the latest and modern tourism methods in the world.